About Neil R. Cole

May 26, 2022 Neil R. Cole Iconix founder has been at the forefront of the brand licensing industry for over twenty years; a pioneer and an  innovator in the consumer branding and marketing industry.  Neil Cole introduced the Asset Light Business Model of brand management and has been redefining brand strategy for his entire career. Neil Cole founded and headed Iconix Brand Group, Inc. a premier branding firm with a diverse and global network. For Iconix clients, Neil Cole applied his unique model for brand management, ultimately redefining industry-standards in the fields of licensing, brand management, and marketing. In 2014, Iconix was the second biggest name in licensing around the world, with 35 iconic consumer brands, like Mudd, Umbro, Candie’s, and Sharper Image.

In 2017, Neil Cole launched Next Retail Concepts, an e-commerce outlet that used technological tools to give brand-immersive shopping experiences. Cole was named “Person of the Year” at Candies Inc., a footwear company, twice. Neil Cole’s acumen and creativity have been harnessed by other sectors as well having served on the New York State’s SAGE Commission and as a past Member of the Board of Directors of several organizations as he is passionate about a variety of causes, including education, children and women’s health.

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