Neil R. Cole

June 2, 2022 Neil R. Cole is an entrepreneur, a business leader and a pioneer in the branding industry.  The founder of Iconix Brand Group, a branding firm that was the second largest global firm of its kind in 2014. At Iconix, Neil Cole led the branding design, concept, and creative for premier fashion, home, tech, and character brands. All primary sectors of the global retail market—from luxury to low-cost—were included in the Iconix portfolio. Neil Cole was also the Chairman, CEO, and founder of Next Retail Concepts, a unique online retail tech-tool that offered customers holistic brand-customized shopping experiences. Alongside building brands and businesses, Neil Cole Iconix founder is a generous supporter of many charitable causes. Cole has been committed to several organizations and has served on the Board of Directors of Crutches 4 Kids, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, and The Mount Sinai Children’s Center Foundation. Neil R. Cole is a founding member of The Candie’s Foundation (rebranded as TheNext.Org), a women’s health initiative for teens and young adults.